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Guy from method on world series of dating

Cory goes with it to be popular and doesn't realize until she confronts him that he's really hurt Topanga.

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After much joking from Cory about making out with another girl, he promises to tell her how he feels if she tells him how she feels.He continues his dismissive opinion on Topanga when they're paired up as husband and wife in Model Family and he considered his perfect wife as someone who let him win at video games and didn't care if his room was messy.This all changes, when the class watch a movie about physical changes in Boy Meets Girl.Instead, the dim lights, and surprisingly steamy poetry about peaches lead to Cory and Topanga making out.Despite these kisses and attraction, Cory goes out with other girls and Topanga continues to go about her school life.Their friendship hits a bit of a snag when they stay late after school to finish an assignment.

They fall asleep together and the whole school believes they “slept” together.

She shows up at his house with tea to help him feel better and he confesses he faked being sick and tells her he isn’t ready to date yet.

They play basketball by tossing socks into baskets and discuss what they'll be getting their mom's for mother's day.

The outcasts handcuff themselves to lockers, blocking the hall and after a speech from Cory, the kids go sign the petition.

This impresses Topanga and she thanks him by giving him his first kiss, though he's not as receptive to it since he's still immature and more interested in sports than in girls.

Later on, in What I Meant to Say, Cory tells Topanga he loves her but she quickly shuts down, avoids him, and even tries to break up with him.