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Hina inn dating game

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Choose the cheat option and then enter "eva4hidden" to watch the secret movie hidden within the game.Once you have done this, a cheat button will be presented to you.

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Create your character and seduce sweet girls in this simulation dating game.Begin the game, select a character and set your stats.Create your character at the beggining, by naming him, setting his age and assigning power, inteligence and magic points.I got to say that the vast amount of profanity annoys the smeg out of me. So the first thing I did was to make it playable in a way that suits my eyes:1. Edit this file: Replace "./swf/20600.swf" by " (otherwise you won't find the game itself as the reference to the Shockwave file is relative on the server).3. one more thing: You can right-click on the link in my previous posting, save this SWF file to your harddisk (same directory as HTML file), edit the corresponding line to just "20600.swf" (or create a subdirectory "swf" next to the HTML file and save the Shockwave file into that, then you don't need editing the HTML file at all), and then play the game without having to be online...Edit this file: Replace "width="400" height="300" in the same line as above to whatever suits your local screen (width="1250" height="940" in my case, as to make use of the full browser window).4. When you'll be asked whether you trust this source (because it's now your local HTML file communicating with a remote Shockwave application), reply "yes".5. (in case you're not using a flatrate of your ISP anyway, that is).The EVA4 game made by the same people who made the Love Hina game is a lot less detailed, and outright stupid IMHO. even more so as it has the same amount of profanity as its sequel has, just without the variety of game options.

And the EVA5 mentioned in the Love Hina game isn't even a game at all, it's a parody video with four Rei puppets on strings dancing to Weird Al Jankovic music...

I stumbled across an interesting (on-line) dating sim game - based on the Love Hina series.

Let me warn you that if you have played any sim games before, then you might find it a bit simple.

On my second day just running into two unfriendly girls (Naru and Motoko) so terrified me that my HP (Health Points? Time to go to bed (and rechange my HPs) again--at least I haven't gotten the s--- kicked out of me yet!

Okay, now it's day 17 and I have gotten the shit kicked out of me five or ten times!

The game itself doesn't seem to require an online connection (at least during the first couple of minutes...).