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A new Add People Nearby section was created to quickly exchange numbers with people close to you.The new section also allows creating location-based public chats. The update also introduced an easier way to integrate web services with Telegram, adding one-tap authorization via bots.

Silent Messages, Slow Mode, Admin Titles and More The first August update brought a way to send silent messages – which result in a notification without sound.This update also introduced presets for autodownload settings to switch between Low, Medium, High and Custom data consumption in a few taps.Default settings for data usage have become more generous but depend on the affordability of mobile data in each particular country.Last but not least, it offered two new ways of adding comments to channels – via and connected discussion groups.(We didn't start the flame war.) Archived Chats, a New Design on Android and More The first May update introduced Archived Chats.Polls: Bringing Choice to Communities As of the second update from December '18, Telegram users can create polls in groups and channels, letting group members vote anonymously.

Poll bots have been available since the dawn of the Bot Platform.

Taking Back Our Right to Privacy Before the March update, you could delete your messages within 48 hours of sending them.

As of this update, you can delete any message you've ever sent or received in any private chat, there's no time limit. The deleted messages don't leave a mark in the chat.

Group Permissions, Undo Delete and More The first January update brought group permissions, allowing admins to restrict all members from posting specific kinds of content or even from messaging altogether.

The maximum size for groups was doubled to 200,000 members.

We also added custom titles and a slow mode for group admins.