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I kiss dating goodbye quotes

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However, I appreciated him exposing some of the unhelpful responses people had to his book as well as some of the fundamental flaws in the book.

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But in the intervening years we have come to realize that God can use hurt to help us to grow, so I appreciate how Joshua has also grown in his understanding of grace.I was a young Christian with 1 young child when the book was written and it was incredibly helpful book for me to reevaluate the worlds system of dating.Thanks for the book & film Sorry, by English is not perfect.I appreciated the diversity represented in the interviews. The moral here is very old: we saw a problem in the culture. I thoroughly enjoyed the documentary which I watched with a couple of friends, married and single.The speakers came from different traditions or intellectual backgrounds (a secular columnist! We wrote some rules, but our rules created new problems. It was interesting to hear more about the "purity culture" in the late 90's that served as a cultural influence to the book.You know you have made a mistake, which affected thousands of peaple into incorrect direction.

Why didn't you try to correct the problem for free? If your intentions were innocent, then you could upload your explanations on youtube for free.

Josh's ability not only to face his critics, but to examine the influences on his own thoughts and beliefs when he wrote the book is refreshing.

This film is definitely worth the watch and the book is definitely still worth the read We've watched this excellent documentary with a bunch of other Christians and had a wonderful evening.

I am now fond of the CS Lewis quote: To love at all is to be vulnerable.2.

Josh and Jessica did well by examining IKDG in light of the larger cultural influences that were present in 1999, as the story of the purity movement is bigger than IKDG.3.

Meanwhile, others applaud his work and encourage him to stand his ground Some credit their marriage to principles they say they gleaned from his book, and indicate they plan to teach their children the same.