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Intimidating girl

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She will always lay it all out for you from the start; her expectations, her feelings, and her deal breakers. They love to teach you things, and they love to be right. One downfall of an independent woman is that most of us LOVE to be right, and will usually use any means necessary to prove it.

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As a woman, I want a man who is strong and able and willing to take care of himself, and me if need be.Women do not rely on the support of a man to get through life. Here’s why: As previously stated, 40% of women occupy jobs in management or professional fields.Despite whatever your personal belief may be about the wage gap, it is still undeniable that women make more now than they ever have before.And with the growing #girlpower trend, women are empowering each other, and multiple independent women empowering each other is definitely more intimidating than one.She doesn’t need you to make her feel good about herself, she has herself and her girlfriends to do that!I’ve pretty much heard this all my life: “You’re scary.

You intimidate men and that’s probably why you have a hard time with guys.” That literally never made sense to me. Then one day, one of my guy friends gave it to me straight. You don’t need anyone, you are intelligent, and you make men feel inferior without even realizing it.” What?

And men love to be needed, so showing a man that you are financially stable on your own is intimidating.

What can he give you that you can’t get for yourself?

The modern woman is more capable than ever of working a full-time job and supporting herself financially.

This means that, though it may be nice to have a man who showers us with gifts or pays our bills, we are completely capable of doing those things for ourselves.

An independent woman is a hardass, and she will tell you when you are being a dumbass.