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Is cristiano ronaldo dating

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By the way, he can’t spell his name in the proper way. Mateo Ronaldo is a cute kid, who bears his father’s surname in his birth certificate.

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Date of birth: June 8, 2017 Eva and her twin brother Mateo were conceived in an artificial way. The baby girl saw the world for the first time around 9 am in June and her little brother was born a minute later. It seems that their father kept the idea to have babies via surrogate in secret from his girlfriend and his mother.But later he opened up, that the kid’s mother was a waitress from some American bar, with whom he had one-night love affair.When she announced the news about her pregnancy and made DNA test, Cristiano Ronaldo paid her about $15 million to leave the newborn in his house.She was afraid, that she wouldn’t be able to feed up 4 children.But then she understood that abortion is a sin and decided to have a child.In England the girl practiced dancing and learnt English. The girl, who is incredibly fashionable, attended D&G show in Madrid.

Georgina, who has become an Instagram star, impresses her followers with great sports shape. There she crossed the ways with a soccer star and ex-Real Madrid captain Cristiano Ronaldo. At first Ronaldo tried to keep his new love in secret, but paparazzi caught him and Georgina several times, and he admitted, that they are a couple.

Dolores told in her interview that her famous son is not going to become a father 10 days before the twins’ birth.

And Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez gave a birth to their biological daughter just several months later.

After moving to Cristiano Ronaldo house, Georgina decided to develop her career.

She tried modeling and made a number of professional photos. In summer, 2017 Georgina and Cristiano welcomed their first common daughter.

Date of birth: November 12, 2017 Alana Martin is the first attempt of Cristiano Ronaldo to make kids in the ordinary way.