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Is hanging out dating

#9 If they don’t bring up family, you’re hanging out.

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[Read: 19 sure signs you’re in an exclusive relationship already] #7 If you’re just hanging out, things may get awkward if one of you tries to initiate sex. Just because you’re hanging out doesn’t mean there isn’t chemistry.When other people begin to treat you two differently, then it means someone is talking.Whether it’s you, the person you’re seeing, or both of you, because now the news spread.Dating versus hanging out So, what’s your situation? #1 If all your time is spent with others present most of the time, you’re just hanging out. It could mean they’re uncomfortable being alone with you, because they’re shy or afraid of moving too fast after a breakup.Of course, it could also mean you’re just a new friend, with some possible potential. 15 things you have to do next] #2 You’re seeing each other if you’re going to fancy or fun places, rather than more mundane things.Places like fancy restaurants, creative outings, and the movies are dead giveaways—they’re clearly dates.

If you’re doing more mundane things, like meeting for coffee or watching TV, then you’re on the fence. For instance, if you’re both in sweats and flipping channels, you’re hanging out.

Things could go well if one of you initiates something, despite the fact that you’re not going out on dates. That totally depends on your own, personal situation.

Now, if things get awkward, like if you, or the person you’re hanging out with, gets offended, then you know signs were misread.

You might wonder, if you go get coffee, or just catch up briefly for brunch, is it a date?

Dating versus hanging out being the most common dilemma of all time.

This could be the end of all your hanging out, or simply lead to a serious, clear talk about each other’s intentions. Don’t turn your crush into a villain] #8 You’re seeing each other if the other person is doing nice things for you and trying to win you over.