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Is speed dating better than online dating

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But I thought that speed dating would be better, because it reduces the competition pool, entry fee will reduce competition further, and by necessity means that the people who attend are more likely to actually be looking for a date/mate/relationship than online dating where there maybe other factors at play such as validation, cat-fishing etc. Sorry, title was meant to say: "More likely to land dates" I agree I would try both and see which one you prefer.Just how rare is what you are looking for, and how much should you be willing to compromise or lower your standards?At a speed dating event targeted towards your age group or the kind of people you want to meet, you’ll get to see what a part of your dating pool actually looks like all together in one room. Do you imagine all the guys you are talking to online are also talking to several witty supermodels?I guess speed dating takes greater effort and is slightly nerve wrecking so might have people more serious about finding someone.This said its still going to be hideously weighted towards looks and rejection prone unless you're premier league.I read somewhere that after the numbers were crunched, the success rate for speed dating stood at 5-6%.

Not seen any sort of comparative literature/figures for OLD.

A Good Night Out with Speed Dater Speed dating has kind of grown up since it was first conceived of in the early 2000’s, and events now tend to be held in pretty nice bars and clubs that you would probably be happy to go on a night out at anyway.

Unlike sitting at home browsing and chatting online, you get to get dressed up, check out a new night spot, and enjoy some nice cocktails or other drinks as you look out for potentially interesting people.

Well, here you can see for sure the type of people who are also looking for dates in your target market. More Quality Time It is easy to go online when you’re bored and chat to people, not so easy to book a ticket at an event, get dressed up and turn up there.

This means that all the people at a speed dating event are at least to some degree committed to meeting people.

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