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Katie couric dating violence

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Katie Couric admitted Cory Booker once took her on a blind date during an appearance on Wednesday’s “Wendy Williams Show”.

That's like calling a Subway sandwich maker an "artist." It is another in the long line of tiring, inconsequential-fluff, appealing to a low denominator emesis from network television.I've had long-term relationships, but they haven't turned into life-long partners."Prior to meeting Molner, Couric was romantically linked to TV producer Tom Werner and financier Brooks Perlin.But dating isn't easy, even for a famed TV journalist."Also, when you get to my age, everyone is a bit wounded. "Fortunately, it looks like Couric has found the perfect travel partner with her handsome fiancé!So touched by all the kind Tweets & warm wishes-thank you! "A great end to the summer & looking fwd to seeing you all Monday [Sept. Couric, 56 has been dating Molner, 50, for nearly two years.She has two daughters—Ellie, 21, and Carrie, 17—from her marriage to Jay Monahan, who died of colon cancer in 1998.She shared, “I had a blind date with Cory Booker once,” before adding when she noticed the audience’s reaction: “Wow, this just in! He’s an incredible person.” RELATED: Rosario Dawson Confirms Relationship With Cory Booker Couric also said: “I really like Cory and I really like Rosario Dawson, I’m happy for them. She’s also very politically active, she’s spoken out about gender equality, she cares deeply about stopping domestic violence.

We went to a Giants football game.” As Williams asked whether or not they kissed, Couric insisted they hadn’t. She’s a really cool woman.” Booker also gushed about Dawson during an appearance on Wednesday’s “The Ellen De Generes Show”.

After the loss of her husband, Couric did hope—and expect—to find love again.

"It's actually surprising to me that it has been almost 15 years and I haven't remarried.

So I think it's important to handle people with care--not to think, 'Oh, what a terrible date,' but just, 'This person isn't for me,'" she said.

Three weeks after former UVA lacrosse player George Huguely was sentenced to 23 years behind bars for the May 2010 murder of his estranged girlfriend, Yeardley Love, the late student's mother and sister, Sharon and Lexie Love, spoke publicly on the crime and their grief for the first time. "Had I thought she was in a dangerous relationship I would have taken her out of school, kept her out for a semester and put her back in when he was gone." Like her mother, Lexie Love describes her relationship with two-years younger Yeardley as "very close," but says she never suspected Huguely was capable of serious violence.

Dating violence can affect anyone of any age, race, sexuality and socio-economic background.