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Following on from the fifth book, in which she lost her identity but somehow found herself a husband, Karin now finds herself in the precarious position of having to move in with her partner's family - a move known to strain even the tightest of marital bonds.

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That talent has combined to create an entertainment that, while remaining deliciously accessible throughout, defies all familiar categorisation.Once again in need of an escape route, she makes a daring bid for freedom.Yet despite coming so close, she falls short and ends up swapping one set of bars for another.No sober realist drama has done a better job of finding such plausible flaws for such convincingly fleshy personalities.It would be unfair to burden the film with unmanageable praise, but there are a few 19th century Scandinavian playwrights who might envy Thornton and Akram their gifts for moulding personae.Mary is a complex, clever, internally convoluted personality whose motivations are beyond economic summary.

The splendid Seána Kerslake – sharp edged voice emerging from soft features – arrives like a spinning top set loose upon a house of cards and continues to create glorious havoc throughout the film’s nippy 82 minutes.

Mary has just been set free from Mountjoy after serving time for assault.

The film is careful to withhold information and ration its release at timely junctures.

DISCLAIMER: This book series deals with themes of both child abuse and domestic abuse, and as such reader discretion is advised.

The triumphant first feature from Darren Thornton has the unmistakable shape of a conventional romantic comedy.

In what might be described as the first truly "grown up" volume in the series, Kat, now in her twenties, is left with no choice but to face the world completely alone.