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Landing page dating

Input this using basic HTML, Note – Application URL is the CNAME. From the moment I expressed interest I was given a first class service.

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Sift through them to learn what to do, and what not to do, to create a highly effective post-click landing page of your own.Ensure you have received the necessary coding from a Partner Account Manager such as; Login, Registration and Search etc.Done for you To ensure your landing page links into the WLD platform you need to create a CNAME.What we got in return was amazing (see for yourself') at Dave delivered our website on budget and on time and in no time at all our website was on the first page on Google.We are already planning our next online project and we cannot wait to commision Dave again!Keep in mind, for shorter pages, we’ve shown the entire page.

Capture more quality leads and traffic for your dating campaign by using our converting dating PPV landing page design on affordable price.

Input the CNAME you have created and check to see if it has propagated and that is points to alias2. Ensure you have customised the colours in the backend checking that there are no colour clashes.

You need to ensure you have a Header that fits the dimension requirement – Width = 960px Height = 120-150px.

Once this has been created it could take upto 24 hours to propagate.

You can check to see if the CNAME has been set up correctly at;

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