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irthe reapondents had beeli able to show that; by thlvenoy. Butted be« taken to aecure the pretended vendor, the priv U■' V ■^, A.. qnlralant to m [ ana on the steamboat, being a delivery to the defendant, who paid the freight.

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U* details da cat «|iamplaira qui sontpaut-«tra uniquas du point da vua biblk^aphiqua, qui pauvant modif iar una imaga raprodulta.^ qui pauvant axigar una modification dans la mithoda normala da f ilmaga sont indlqufa - c Massous. 60 " Applt.^ and Marseau, Respdt , ' ' \^^ 109 110 325 47 A ,/ V ' INDIX TO CASEB BKPOBTIP.'. Mc Clanaghan 243 Dwyer (in re) Ina., and Fabre, Assignee, and Mc Carron, Contestant ...a.. V ^ .^ nn Xpplt., and The Montreal City PAssenger Railway Co., Respdt.'.'.'.'.". Craig subsequently sued, and recovered judgment a^inst D. '■^ ••• / Wivileg^^the whole ^f th S^,' Irfbld''" '"''""^ '" '^^''^' "^ dividend sheet, on the ground Thlt th Z *'"*7*'"^'^ "/ ««« '« ''We bj Mid of the corn which the/T-d J ^1^^"^"'^ T. Butters 4 Co T ' ** '''"''•' *•»• '•**«' ''«» "o»d t The delay to contest tho dividend aheet ao nr«rl«. There can be no doubt, from the decided caaes, that we have Jwisdietion, and that upon these facts the deelinatory plea most be, dismissed 'ndit is dismissed with costs. The debt was incurred in Montreal for merohandiie whioh wu de Kvered there.

It ia not a oaae wher« the canae of action oan be said to have originated in Kamoaraaka.

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As^to the place named in the note as the plaoe of date. I the defendant chooses to sign notes with blanb for other people to fill up, that haa always been held as a power of attorney f Vom the sender to the recipient to [Oi it up for him.

The I notes ai« the evidence of the debt, and they are also made payable here (at the Molsona Bank).

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