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It is highly unlikely that both parties will be charged with possessing, distributing and production of child pornography.

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Tonya, 16, sends Mike, 17, a nude photo of herself via text messaging, and Mike’s parents discover it on his phone.This could be “unlawful peeking,” a violation of California Penal Code 647(i).Mary is showering in a closed-door bathroom, where she feels she has a reasonable expectation of privacy.Let’s consider three possible scenarios: Walking past his neighbor’s house, Pete catches a glimpse of his neighbor changing clothes.He walks onto his neighbor’s property and observes this up close.I found myself under false accusations and he really came through.

I was really freaking out, and Robert was able to make me feel like I was in good hands.

As we’ve seen with current events like politician Anthony Weiner’s recent sentencing for illicit contact with a minor, sexting isn’t just innocent fun.

When done in the wrong circumstances, it can land you in hot water.

Because Pete did not intentionally distribute that image, this might not be revenge porn.

If the victim in the case was a minor, those penalties can double.

Like the “unlawful peeking” law above, there isn’t much current case law related to California’s revenge porn law.