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Cerebellar hypoplasia is roughly equivalent to cerebral palsy.The most likely cause of it in a litter of kittens is if the mom is infected with panleukopenia (feline distemper) while pregnant.

I also handle single-plaintiff claims involving discrimination based on race, sex and national origin, sexual harassment, disability discrimination and accommodation, and claims involving denial of protected leave. I grew up on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula and then studied dance and history at the University of Washington before attending law school at Boalt Hall at the University of California – Berkeley.We can mitigate the impact of this by manually pottying them (which we do a few times a day), and by doing physical therapy to build up their strength and coordination.The carts that we use to suspend them are precisely for that purpose – we want to get them using all four legs, and it also makes the feedings a lot cleaner.At Boalt, I was an editor on the Berkeley Journal of Gender, Law & Justice and interned at the Alameda County Public Defender’s Office.I spent my third year at Harvard Law School before returning to the Bay Area, following my graduation in 2000. – In my spare time, I enjoy gardening, strong coffee, bargain shopping and being the least crafty person in Portland.In 1940, Reich built boxes called orgone accumulators to concentrate atmospheric orgone energy.

Reich said orgone was the "primordial cosmic energy", blue in color, which he claimed was omnipresent and responsible for such things as weather, the color of the sky, gravity, the formation of galaxies, and the biological expressions of emotion and sexuality.

They’ve developed some coordination and have started to develop a semblance of a litter box instinct, only with wee wee pads – they’ll crawl over to one side of their pen to do their business.

This has been a very positive development from a caretaking perspective!

The Powerpuff Girls have extremely severe cases – on a scale of 1 to 10, they are a 10. This doesn’t impact their comfort level or mood in the slightest.

They are the happiest kittens and purr the second you touch them.

Reich claimed that accumulations of DOR played a role in desertification and designed a "cloudbuster" with which he said he could manipulate streams of orgone energy in the atmosphere to induce rain by forcing clouds to form and disperse.