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Married dating vancouver island

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For Stan, it was a film about open relationships that led him and his wife to open up their marriage.“For me it wasn’t so much a change,” Brandon added.

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“Shadow emotions — like jealousy, fear, envy and anger — are all clues to something else going on inside of ourselves,” Cassidy said.That term means that friends, lovers and acquaintances are all looked at the same, with the same amount of love and attention.Many of the same skills and emotions needed for monogamy carry over into the polyamory world as well.Members of Vancouver’s poly community were invited to an advance screening in early October, and, by extension, invited to offer snapshots of their lives with the Courier.Brandon and Stan both opted for the poly side of life in the early 2000s.“On the other side of the equation, my dad is OK with it.” While they’re no longer sexually active with one another, Brandon and Robin say they’re committed to staying together in order to raise their kids.

Robin has no problems explaining the situation to her four-year-old son, but she wonders how others will perceive their lifestyle. But I worry about parents perhaps not wanting their kids to have sleepovers at our house because they think we’re sexual deviants or something like that,” she said.

“Polyamory has gone from something hidden from view to something now commonly known.” For more info on the Vanpoly group, check out or

A Vancouver Island man accused of defrauding women for money through online dating has been arrested.

They co-parent and have little in the way of a sexual relationship.

Instead, Brandon has a girlfriend and refers to himself as a “relationship anarchist” (more on that later).

“It’s really good practice to get used to identifying those things and then sitting down with your partner and then communicating them.” A Vancouver ex-pat who recently relocated to Vancouver Island, Cassidy has been in the poly coaching field for close to three years.