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Mature women dating younger

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At worst, older men dating younger women are viewed with a condescending chuckle, earning the term "sugar daddy," as if they were a benevolent father figure.Younger women dating older men are considered to be sweet and innocent.

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They find that older women have a lot to teach them, not just about the physical aspects of a relationship, but about relationships and life in general, and this strength and wisdom can be very appealing. But we expect them to do unusual and offbeat things, so we didn't think too much about it.And they are not just dating them, but embarking on long-term relationships with them, even marrying them. Also, younger men were typically raised by strong, career-focused mothers, so they are comfortable with ambition and intelligence in a partner, where older men can find these qualities threatening. Younger men find that older women have a lot to offer, too. They have figured out their needs and knew how to express them.Source: No relationship is perfect, and older women do come with their own set of challenges.By now, you're convinced that dating an older woman, despite its challenges, is pretty great. It also really helps when you're both pulling in the same direction.

And at least a willingness to understand where she is coming from, if not a full agreement, when it comes to arguments, or problems that arise.

But even in today's enlightened world, society still has all kinds of negative things to say about this powerful pairing, labeling older women dating younger men as sexual predators.

This is especially troubling when you consider that no such stigma exists for older men dating younger women.

Men have long been valued for their power and their career successes.

However, we now live in a time when women can be valued for these attributes too; and a new generation of men are aware of that, and see older women for the unique qualities they bring to the table. The information on this page is not intended to be a substitution for diagnosis, treatment, or informed professional advice.

For all these reasons, a man in his 20s or 30s may decide that dating an older woman is just what he needs.