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Messy egg fetish dating

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Leigh meets Kristen's boyfriend, Isiah Maxwell, and is shocked at how kind he is, how much he loves her sister, she envies Kristen.The more Leigh sees their relationship, the more she sees a similarity in abuse between Kristen and her ex-boyfriend Jack.

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AJ begins to make love to a reluctant Kristen, when Tommy comes in and joins them.Carmen runs after the jeep, "stop, give me my stuff.. " Whitney sees Carmen crying and sifting through the snow with her fingers, she pities Carmen, she also sees a lot of herself in her.Whitney offers her phone to Carmen, and the two walk to Whitney's home.Time is standing still as I try to leave my husband for my lover, Jen, and Jen doesn't want me anymore. Click here for HD version Written and Directed by Kristen Scott An 18 year old Alison Rey has been struggling keeping her mom happy ever since the divorce, it's as if Alison was groomed to constantly look after her mother's mood.Alison's been dealing with some online bullying, but she doesn't dare bring it up to her mother.Kristen quickly learns that AJ and Tommy have duped her into being a third in their relationship, but will Kristen accept their plan? Click here for HD version Whitney Wright is a famous photographer living off the grid in a peaceful forest preserve.

She's going for a jog when she sees a jeep swerve left to right, and finally the door opens and Carmen Caliente tumbles out.

Charlotte listens to Alison's problems, and while she's not convinced that Alison should give up on pageantry, she is empathetic.

Alison begins to find a common thread with Charlotte.

Leigh builds a friendship between Isiah, and she decides to protect him against her own sister.

"You chose the wrong sister," she purrs as her breasts are pushed up against his chest. Written and directed by Kristen Scott Kristen uses a dating app to go on a date with a lesbian for the first time, AJ Applegate.

Click here for HD version WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY KRISTEN SCOTTKristen Scott is meeting with her estranged sister, Leigh Raven.