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The blood test looks for four proteins released into the bloodstream by the most common type of ovarian cancer. more 25 August 2019 World-leading genomic cancer profiling and treatments will be available in South Australia for the first time at a new $80 million research institute to be housed in Adelaide’s medical precinct.

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Health Minister Greg Hunt will today announce Victoria is to receive more than $202 million in Natio...The first changes since 2013 call for restrictions on red meat but lift the ban on full-fat milk products for healthy people. more 20 August 2019 In an opinion piece, Ashley Reid, CEO of Cancer Council Western Australia, discusses the obesity crisis that Australia is facing according to the World Health Organisation.He writes that the 'junk food industry evolution is the biggest driver of th...more 29 August 2019 Tobacco maker Philip Morris has announced it is looking into teaming up again with its former parent company, the Altria Group.A merger could help the two companies confront declining cigarette sales and diversify in a consumer market shifting towa...Researchers have today released a mortality study offering new hope to cance...

more 21 August 2019 The Heart Foundation has revealed new advice following a review of its dietary statement.

more 20 August 2019 Australians could finally have access to information about how many "empty calories" are in the soft drinks and packaged foods they buy, after state and federal ministers ordered a review to consider mandatory "added sugar" labelling. more 19 August 2019 Up to 50 people in six US States have come down with breathing illnesses that may be linked to e-cigarettes or vaping products.

Dr Melodi Pirzada, a paediatric lung specialist at NYU Winthrop Hospital in New York, said she had seen two cases this sum...

more 15 August 2019 The federal government will push to cut Australia’s smoking rate to less than 10 per cent by 2025 as part of new efforts to boost preventative health outcomes.

Health Minister Greg Hunt used an address to the National Press Club in Canberra on Wednes...

more 25 August 2019 New research adds to a growing body of evidence that diet could help cancer treatment.