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Omnicom consolidating 2016

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Omnicom has grown by acquiring agencies and each of these came with their own culture, their own building and their own leadership team, who live and breathe their brand.Tony said, “Bringing everyone under one roof also creates opportunities.

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The burger chain, which hasn't done a formal media review in about 14 years, spends roughly $2 billion on media around the world annually, according to a person familiar with the matter.The panel talked about the fact people connect with their work environment emotionally.Kursty Groves, Workplace Consultant and Author of Spaces for Innovation said, “Research shows productivity increases by over 30% when employees work in an empowered environment, where they have some choice regarding their work environment and are engaged in the process of defining their workspace.It was chaired by Jo Taylor, Director of Let’s Talk Talent and former senior HR Executive at Talk Talk, and the panel consisted of Tony Phipkin, CFO, and Paul Tilley, Senior Facilities Manager, both at media communications organisation Omnicom, Mike Wingrove, Head of Facilities at the world’s largest law firm, Dentons LLP, Kursty Groves, Workplace Consultant and Author, and Julia Edmonds, Managing Director at Lexington.Accommodating future workforce The panel talked about the future workforce.She says, “For us the work environment is just as much about the customer journey as it is the physical space; everything from the way the team are greeted, whether that be the reception desk or people in cafes and environments our people are working in, to the workspace itself.

To do this we need to really understand each of our client’s culture and how we can get the most out of the space that has been provided.” Lex Engage with website from Nina Hollington on Vimeo.

Mc Donald's said its relationship with OMD remains "strong" and the agency will be participating in the review process. Earlier this year, it ended its longstanding partnership with the International Olympic Committee.

In 2016, Mc Donald's consolidated creative ad duties in the U. The company has been increasing its use of digital marketing and technology.

Mike said, “In order for a change in space and work environment to become successful it’s got to have buy-in at the top.

Law firms tend to be quite hierarchical and therefore any change needs to come from the top down – the senior team can set the tone in terms of how the environment can be used.” Forming strong relationships with internal clients is key The event left everyone in agreement that it’s essential for facilities management teams to form strong relationships with clients, across the business, if they are to remain competitive and succeed in creating an environment that supercharges their people.

It’s those organisations that are really using their work environment to engage with their people that are reaping the benefits.” It’s also about helping people connect to each other, according to Mike Wingrove, Head of Facilities at Dentons.