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Cook it in an oven set at 450-500 degrees until it quits smoking (about 15 minutes).


Lucky for you that’s exactly what Facebook spent millions of dollars to acquire to help you do!(As you know DCC get should always work fine, whatever connection you have.Besides firewall blocking you that is.) Virtual TCP is tested and proofed to allow DCC sending and chatting.Ipinagtangol ni Rajah Soliman ang kanyang kaharian ng buong tatag hanggang sa kahulihulihang hibla ng kanyang buhay na nangyari sa Bangkusay, (sa dalampasigan ng Tondo).Di pa sila nakontento, pinangarap pa nilang masakop ang mayamang lupain ng Mindanao.But there’s one dish that nothing but a cast iron skillet will do: cornbread.

If you bake it in anything else cornbread will not achieve the desired crispy crust.

If, after using it for a while, you start to see rust, rub it with steel wool and re-season the cookware.

It may seem like a lot of work, but trust me, if you take care of your cast iron, it should provide you with a long, happy cooking relationship.

With SLi RP (currently running 0.95j) set File/Setup/Local_Info/ 'always get local host' on connect to Active, IP Address should be the fake IP used for SLi RP ( usually).

If you have dynamic IP (your IP address is different each time you log on), make sure that "On connect, always get:" in the File/Setup/Local_Info dialog is set to get the Local Host and IP Address.

With dynamic IP addressing you are in trouble then !!