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Explore the scenic beauty of Tutuila and visit the fascinating National Park and marine sanctuary, enjoy scenic walks to volcanic summits and waterfalls or go snorkeling, kayaking and swimming.Whatever your reason for visiting American Samoa, you can be sure that it will be a memorable experience.

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Including our marine waters and 200-mile exclusive economic zone, the Territory’s total area is 117,500 square miles, about the size of the State of Oregon or New Zealand.Rose Atoll is located 75 miles east of the Manu’a Islands, is an uninhabited wildlife refuge.Environmentally, Rose Atoll is home to the largest population of seabirds in American Samoa.The national park area on Ofu features sand beaches and coral reefs with a mountain backdrop.Besides their natural features, the Manu'a Islands provide many opportunities to experience Samoan culture.Tradewinds Hotel is a tropical haven where guests can find peace and relaxation in style and comfort with superior service reflecting the spirit of American Samoa.

Our staff are dedicated to providing you the very best service to ensure that your stay is as relaxing, or productive as you want it to be.

The highest point in the Tutuila Islands is the Mount Matafao, which is at an elevation of 2,142 ft.

Aunu’u is a small volcanic island off the southeastern shore of Tutuila.

If you are traveling to the beautiful island of Tutuila in the tropical South Pacific, then look no further.

Tradewinds Hotel is without doubt, your best choice for accommodation.

The Manu'a Island group, 60 miles east of Tutuila, includes the volcanic islands of Ofu and Olosega (joined by a bridge), and Ta'u.