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Philadelphia bi male hook up

Philadelphia bi male hook up-15

I like to strip down to my stockings and g-string with a cooler of beer, baby oil, and condoms. Even less were at the parking lot near the water fountain, and no one there after dark. Just spent 3 hours cruising here this Sunday evening. Not everyone wandering the woods is cruising, so use discretion because the cops can be in here fa... But it's not like anyone would be able to do more than watch because the door is made of glass, and guys constantly go in and out. I was here a few times this summer and only saw a few people in cars at the parking lot near the bridge at MLK.

They covered the gloryholes and painted the stalls black. They have some family activities throughout the w... I've gone in the afternoon and it's mostly older guys, but usually some good action. I wear a sexy bra and panties and always get a cock to suck, or more. Place is predominantly old trolls lurking around hoping to suck dick but if that i... I went there yesterday for the first time and it was deserted. When I visited not a creature was stirring in the about one dozen booths. The good news is that this didn't seem to sto... This is a pretty good bookstore with private booths that take dollar bills. I've had a lot of action here in the last couple months, both giving and receiving. A guy went in the next booth and started watching me JO. Within minutes he was in my stall on his knees milki... Stroudsburg really, really needs a Green Door type of place an... Seems it's been taken over by new owners that frown on any sexual activity.Now there is only one door, which doesn't even ... Purchased $5 in tokens and a $3 membership card to enter the area. There were only a few there, no one was interested. You have to be cautious of undercover cops, especially in the summer, so use your head. There are plenty of places for private encounters here. They have been heavily ticketing people for cruising, going around this area in circles. One of the maintenance men likes to sit in the center stall and make you think he's jacking off.The back of the card says it's good for one year. About I went to the back theatre and one guy was playing himself. I was here today and almost got busted but just used my intuition. Just follow the trails to the east of the BMX bike course. There is occasional action at the food court toilets, but there is heavy traffic. I went a few times this summer and there was alot of hot guys there. This is by far one of the best campgrounds in North America. I ended up getting two blowjobs that were very hot. One was older in good shape, and the other was younger and in grea... I have recently met some mega hotties, both male and even a willing female walking her dog. He'll come out of his stall and look in the door crack at you, if you do anything other than si... I went at lunch and the foodcourt was filled with quite a few hot guys having lunch from area businesses.When I pulled around back a guy stepped out of his pickup and walked around the back, I guess to take a ... There are a lot of paths all throughout the woods, and a lot of good places to hide and have fun. I couldn't believe all the hot young guys that hang out here in the afternoon on weekdays. Safe, close the door and it's just you in the room with a secure wooden gloryhole. I just emailed him, he asked for a cock pic and my stats, and within 20 minutes I was getting my cock sucked.Police are once again arresting people for cruising here. The police watch it all the time and many have been busted here and their names put in the newspaper. I've gone four times and each time I had some of the hottest sex I've ever had. He even hung a handle on the ceiling so you have something to hold onto. It's only about five minutes off 81 so I plan to stop there every tim...This is a very nice book/gift/toy store, but hardly a place for sex. Everything is brand new, perfect, and brightly lit. After about an hour in the back I'd swallowed two loads and got one in the ass. There are a lot of bicyclers in spandex and bike gear that stop here for a rest, and some head. The warning door is gone and the stall area has been converted from a two-stall set up to one. At Penn DOT, follow the river (go straight until you hit the gate) and park in the gravel parking lot. The park is still open, guys still come in from the Front Street end of the bike path or park in the DMV lot and walk in. This place is great if you like younger naked guys.

No one is ever here, so it is a great place to get blown. It's an oversized stall and it has ruined the under-the-stall-a... The little hallway that had been between the first door and what was the second door has been removed. The action here is hit-or-miss, but when it's good, it's usually great. There was a hole between the stalls at the boat launch the last time I was there. I've hooked up there with some fellow college students from the nearby campus in the small steamroom, which is right off the large shower room. The city's mayor has mandated that the police clean up this area.

It has many kids' stores and kids using this so there's police and security pa... There is only one way in and out of the wooded area. If you drive far enough back, you might even end up in the nearby and convenient Motel 6.

Inn of King of Prussia is also there for another $30 bucks more.

At Dauphin turn left and you'll eventually come to the boat launch, on your left. While on business, I visited this club as a guest (my hotel offered this as a workout option) and hit the lockers. The female clerks, who used to be pleasant on previous visits, this time ran their ignorant mouths loudly while I was there. Unfortunately no men came in other than me and three other elderly queens. So, went there last week, was very surprised at the condition of the place. Lighting was better too, the two ladies working at the front were friendly eno... A guy looks through the window and walks into my booth. Guys talking with the guy at the counter and a few guys in the back. This bathroom was renovated, in fact the entire basement was redone, and it now is a one-holer with a locking door. A lot of trade and married men looking for head acti... If coming from New Jersey, take I-78 west to Exit 60 for Quakertown, Route 309. Once I had this guy sucking my cock in the woods and I heard somebody coming. Cruising here can be touchy depending on who is walking their dog.

Go to the far end of the parking lot and take the path across the railroad tracks. The steamroom here must have been designed by a cruiser. From Quakertown, take Route 313 to Route 563, and turn right. It was a hot day and the a/c seemed to be off in the booths making it twice... I went in and went to a buddy window booth and started watching the next guy jerking off to a porno clip. He does some poppers, pulls his shorts down, sucks me, a... It is not a feasible cruising area and I would ask that it be removed from the listi... Usually when I go there it's always a good time. I have been some weekends and it is pretty dull and others where the lot is full of cars.... The one guy said he had a big one and showed me [mdash] holy fuck!!! Lots of m/f and m/m action going on in the parking lots of both lakes. Drive about five miles down and the store will be on the right. We went into a booth and spent like 45 minutes sucking, rimming, and cumming on each other. This place is right on the road and the trails are used frequently by hikers. There is plenty of woodsy trail area to go far enough back in the woods to have all the fun you want without getting caught. I was there the other day and there was a really hot guy working the counter but there was also an older lady there.

There's some action in the old wooden outhouse, but most of it takes place on the trails surrounding the second parking lot. I didn't detect any cruising, but things were loo... Turn left onto Route 309 and it's about eight miles further on the left. This is a new one to even me and it is definitely one worth sharing.