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Due to life's way of doing things I have way too much time on my hands by myself. Looking to form lasting meaningful friendships / relationships.

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While its true my 2 dogs are good listeners, theyxx_.. I find myself evaluating my life and feeling out of step with those around me. Music is very important to me and I love reading and movies as well. As corny as it sounds I love crafty projects like knitting and sewing too, it's relaxing. I don't mind flirting or more we may never meet. I want a person who wont drop a few emails only I would like a few of conversation please."It all seemed so fake and the guys were generally unattractive." Then she stumbled across a man-on-man scene."It was just so different to any other porn I had seen, with real, intense chemistry and models that were obviously having a good time.” That ability to connect seems vital to the legion of women engaging with gay porn. They're writing it, talking about it - and even directing it."I love gay men,” says Pam Dore, the only female director in the gay adult industry. And the guys are really sexual, you get the realness of it the way you can’t with women.” Dore, who has been directing porn for ten years and calls herself a feminist, identifies this new confidence in women's porn-viewing habits as political.She compares it to 20th century advances, such as the pill."Some gay men might find this problematic, but for me it's all part of the flexibility and creativity of desire.

It's flattering, in a way, that others find gay sexual identities and practices so intriguing.” Perhaps the appeal of gay male porn suggests a new, more diverse and independent, direction for the industry as a whole.

I enjoy a good game and when not traveling I enjoy the outdoors for some clean air and exercise.

So lets chat please I have a dark sense of humor that is not intended for the light hearted or easily offended.

Just because it’s women watching two men doesn’t make it feminist.” But Andy Medhurst, a Senior Lecturer at the University of Sussex Centre for the Study of Sexual Dissidence, disagrees.

“There's a long history of women being fascinated by aspects of gay male sexuality, ranging from speculating about which pop stars might be gay to the curious corners of slash fiction.

“We call them porn mums,” says Jake Jaxson, founder and director of an indie gay adult film company.