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Polow da don dating

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Ne-yo gave his best Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal impression performing his new hit song “Closer”…but what else is new? But what does that say about an award show when have of the folks getting awards don’t even bother to show up.

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All of this perform in front of a carnival background to prove that he’s a sho ’nuff clown.I think he had a flashback of the 70s when he started singing “Let’s Stay Together” and “Love and Happiness”.Lil Wayne after selling a million plus albums finally won the Viewer’s Choice Award.Rihanna murdered her own hit (as usual) “Take A Bow”. What the hell does that mean and better yet who the fuck cares?She’s lucky that she’s beautiful with a hot body because she would NOT make it on talent alone. Nelly and Jermaine Dupri performed Nelly’s song “Stepped on My Js” and just in case you didn’t get enough of Ciara with Chris Brown, she was back with her legs greased up and spine bending for her cameo in the song.Let’s just say, if he’s the snowman then the heat from Kanye’s performance melted his ass.

THE OH MY GOD…NO THEY DIDN’T moment happened when Keysha Cole’s mama, Frankie, and sister, Nephi, did the pre-commercial announcement telling everyone to call in and vote for the Viewer’s Choice Award.

TLC, sporting those motherhood hips, joined Alicia to do a version of their hit Waterfalls, which brought all of our ladies from our favorite girls groups of the 1990s on stage for a finale of swollen hips and stretched vocals. Nicey Nash brought this seasons newest accessory…white kids. Nicey also introduced the Best Male Hip Hop Artist…Kanye West who in true hip hop fashion brought Lil Wayne to the stage and congratulated his biggest competition for selling a million plus albums his first week out.

You could tell that even Kayne felt like Wayne should have won that award…and he should have, hands down, lol.

In all fairness, you couldn’t expect Wayne to really win anything.

The man can’t drop a platinum album the week before an award show and think he’s gonna get a trophy.

Nephi was literally about to fall out of the top of her dress.