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Poulsbo dating clubs

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(That I don't have time to read) or you have to stand at an empty desk and wait for someone to help you OR in line. The foot pads on the machines and the machines themselves really need TLC but don't get it and I wonder who is the ringleader to this circus?? Remodel the empty space they had there for a kitchen, better instructors, emails to members, staffing who cares, new equipment!!! The good - they have a daycare that is $3 per visit, no time limit.

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All in all, I do think it's a great gym for the price! Every time I spoke with him, he has always had a holyer than thou type attitude.There isn't a lot of space for walking off sets on leg day.Along that same vein, there's only one squat rack, so I had to do a bit of maneuvering with my workout schedule so leg day doesn't fall on the same day as the other familiar faces.If you live in the downtown Poulsbo area, PAC is the best choice, hands down. Well I think I was in the excited honeymoon period and now one year later I am saddened by this facility and really wish there was something better. Sometimes one is removed but it's just brought back and breaks. But usually they stop working while you are mid run or they won't hold the incline. Is super small and is shut down unannounced every couple months. Classes - I stopped going to classes when I was in better shape than the instructors.If 24 hour fitness wasn't so packed and had better quality equipment I would run there without looking back. The equipment - The Ellipticals - of 8 ellipticals 3 are not working properly one has had broken handles since I started a year ago the other two squeak loudly. Spinning bikes - the ones downstairs were broken for over 6 months when asking the staff about them they just said parts were on order but had no other info. Weight room - is so crowded with equipment it's really not user friendly at all nor are the people friendly. The stair climbers - hey there are two and they have always worked.I have made some wonderful connections with individuals at this place. After I get out of the water and take a shower I hit that dry sauna and it is so soothing to my soul. The physical therapists are the ones that other physical therapists recommend seeing when you have a special problem.

The entire staff is first class from top to bottom which makes it a really Pleasant place to spend a morning or afternoon or evening.

The membership fees are so high that just one person's annual fees can buy a new machine but I guess the owner doesn't want to make the investment to keep members.

The worst thing (at least to me) is they have bottles of Simple Green out ON THE FLOOR for members to wipe down machines after use.

On one hand I obviously appreciate the pool being clean, on the other I am not sure what that amount of chlorine and other chemicals do to my skin and my respiratory system. You can feel woozy and like you are going to pass out at times. The equipment chosen for the weight room is of the very best quality and chosen by someone who really knows what it takes to keep people in top physical condition throughout their lives.

When I have attended, I really enjoy the people who are in the pool at the same time I am. I have been a member for several years now and really love being part of a privately owned Community facility.

The recumbent bikes - ONE of the four works at all times. Fans, doors, bathrooms - broken, broken, and not clean. No monthly email to members saying this is what's going on.