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Practice dating meetup

Our male team, Lucas and Koichi, also met for the first time that night.

I gathered a group of willing foreigners and went to an aiseki izakaya, called Aisekiya, to test my theory.Although she understands Japanese well enough, she wasn't confident with her speaking skills.I would say our female team was at a beginner level of Japanese.All you need to do is put a pint glass in the slot and push a button. But it was good enough for the price; even better if you're a lady, who gets it all for free.One thing to note before I tell you how it all went down: since we were visiting Aisekiya specifically to write this article, we had to get permission from other customers doing aiseki with us.At first Aisekiya wasn't busy, but pretty quickly our female group was matched up.

Their first aiseki experience was with two salarymen wearing suits.

Lucas goes to university in Tokyo and had taken some Japanese courses before. you can just read about him on the Tofugu people page.

The male team's Japanese level was intermediate/advanced or above.

Our goal was to test out these kinds of restaurants as potential opportunities for Japanese speaking practice for non-Japanese people living in Japan.

We brought in four "test subjects," two males and two females.

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