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Sanders escapes while Sarif asks Adam to investigate on the augmented terrorist.After sneaking into the morgue, Adam discovers that the terrorist was being controlled from afar from a mysterious third party, believed at the time to be on of Sarif Industries competitors due to a massive security leak that David Sarif was fully aware of.

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Apart from the post-humanism and cyberpunk themes, the game also focuses on human nature, mass media and conspiracy theories.During the mission in Montreal in which Adam Jensen infiltrates a major news station, he finds the way journalists view their profession.They describe themselves as people who bring the news to the general population, and this allows them to change the news any way they want, so that they may control the opinions of the majority of people.The Director's Cut supposedly includes improvements, new features and new content such as a "Neural Hub" displayed on the Wii U Game Pad.In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, mankind is freely using cybernetic human augmentations, but it has yet to be determined what their effects on society will eventually be.The plot thickens as Adam wonders if Sarif Industries isn't supplying the terrorist despite the fact that David Sarif denies this by explaining that Sarif Industries almost only does military contracts when it comes to weapons.

The biggest suspect becomes FEMA one of Sarif's Competitors.

The game deals with the idea of post-humanism, which is a cultural movement that supports the use of technology and science to improve the physical and mental capabilities of Humans.

The visuals are unique in that they combine elements of Renaissance and cyberpunk aesthetics.

Before he can interrogate him, the young terrorist commits suicide as he pleaded for help.

Adam eventually confronts the head of Purity First, Zeke Sanders who denies the augmented terrorist being his, explaining that his plan is to stop all future augmentations.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a prequel to the critically acclaimed first-person role-playing game Deus Ex.