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Recycle bin icon not updating

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thankx genex3m Did you upgrade Vista from XP or are you running Vista Home Basic or Premium?

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If you frequently access Recycle Bin, this will surely help you save some time.I downloaded hotfix (KB932406 and installed it and rebooted, but the Recycle Bin icon still does not update itself without a manual refresh. wpcoe what happened to you is that you have a shortcut to recycle bin and not the recycle bin itself on your desktop (i just tried it to see if thats it and the shortcut doesn't update).The way to check is the bottom left corner of the icon has an arrow on it (means shortcut).The sad news is I have no clue as to where the original is…Good luck @Smartik1 To display the recycle bin on the desktop… I just had to reboot, and of course it rearranged all my icons again. first you will have to enable folder view to show hidden and system files.– right click on the desktop and select personalize. I tried the icon restore, and it moved some of them closer to where they were, but there were still quite a few in different places than I originally had them… then delete the $recycle folder when you use the recycle bin again it will reinstall. Or there is a microsoft update to fix this but it told me that this update was not for my system. The hotfix (KB932406) for resolving the desktop not refreshing properly, can be downloaded from Microsoft web site for both Windows Vista x32 based systems and x64 based systems. but it says "windows cannot find and blah blah" so pls shed some light on this.

it wud be really great cos i need to do a lot of netsend via my home network and i dont want to install just another program to do this.

I ran into an issue with it not refreshing when it was on my desktop but I was able to resolve the problem...

A few Windows 10 users have made complaints about the Recycle Bin creating errors when an attempt is made to delete a file in the recycle bin or empty it.

I checked on a computer that was upgraded from XP to Vista and is missing, so something is up.

A couple days ago I noticed that the Recycle Bin icon was not updating itself to show as "full" or "empty" without right-clicking on the desktop and choosing Refresh.

1] Check if you have installed any third-party Theme or an Icon Package, and see if uninstalling it makes the problem go away. Also try switching the theme to Windows Classic theme and them back to Windows Aero default.