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Refresh bind after updating zone file

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More information on those names can be found in the description of the acl statement.The addition of the key clause made the name of this syntactic element something of a misnomer, since security keys can be used to validate access without regard to a host or network address.

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For example: 9 configuration consists of statements and comments. Statements and comments are the only elements that can appear without enclosing braces.It is strongly recommended to use string zone names rather than numeric identifiers, in order to be robust against system configuration changes.However, since there is no standard mapping for such names and identifier values, currently only interface names as link identifiers are supported, assuming one-to-one mapping between interfaces and links.If you use the option is associated with the log file, then renaming is only done when the file being opened exceeds the indicated size.No backup versions are kept by default; any existing log file is simply appended.It gets its name from a primary use of address match lists: Access Control Lists (ACLs).

Note that an address match list's name must be defined with statement facilitates the administration of configuration files by permitting the reading or writing of some things but not others.

If I edit my DNS zone files the changes do not reflect on the Vesta CP web interface.

IPv6 scoped addresses that have ambiguity on their scope zones must be disambiguated by an appropriate zone ID with the percent character (`%') as delimiter.

Example usage of the destination clause directs the channel to the server's standard error stream.

This is intended for use when the server is running as a foreground process, for example when debugging a configuration.

It can optionally also limit the message severity level that will be accepted by the channel (the default is destination clause directs the channel to a disk file.