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The OPC information model is a so-called Full Mesh Network based on nodes.

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Various UA Servers have been shown on a Beckhoff programmable logic controller and an embedded test board from Euros.For example, say you have a stylesheet and you want to make sure everyone has the most recent version.You could rename it every time you edit it, but that would be a pain in the ass.The new version of OPC UA now has added publish/subscribe in addition to the client/server communications infrastructure.Although the original binding to COM/DCOM helped OPC to distribute well, it had several drawbacks: These drawbacks along with a number of other considerations pushed the decision to develop a new and independent stack for OPC UA, which replaces COM/DCOM.This is necessary to obtain information, if a server only supports DA functionality or additionally AE, HDA, etc.

Additionally, information can be obtained about whether a server supports a given profile.

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A node can have attributes for read access (DA, HDA), methods that can be called (Commands), and triggered events that can be transmitted (AE, Data Access, Data Change).

Nodes hold process data as well all other types of metadata. Client software can verify what Profiles a server supports.

OPC Base Services are abstract method descriptions, which are protocol independent and provide the basis for OPC UA functionality.