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Resource in use updating firmware 4560

resource in use updating firmware 4560-28

As shown, LTE / SAE network 1 includes at least two types of network element control plane and user support: is referred to as an evolved Node B, or "e Node B" enhanced base station 110; 120 and SAE gateway.

resource in use updating firmware 4560-8

Advocates of this trend suggested that resource control functions placed in the base station will produce better system performance due to more timely information will be available for radio resource management decisions.For example, when a distributed architecture fast moving mobile station (mobile station 160 in FIG.1, such) may be better served by the same area of ​​the macro cell, the mobile station 160 may switch between a number of micro-cells ( frequent switching is generated).[0009] Thus, an exemplary method includes: a first control node to the serving switching received in association transaction history transmitted from the control node and a mobile station in a service control node.After adding the mobile station transaction data associated with the service control node to the transaction history to get the transaction history of updates, the mobile station to the destination control node subsequent handover in association with the updated transaction history to the targeted control node .[0001] This application is filed on October 23, 2009, the international filing date of December 20, 2007, Application No.

200780052719.8, entitled "approach to the mobile station history information in a wireless communication system and divisional device "patent filed.

Although each of the controllers (in the case of an e Node B in an LTE system) can monitor the activities of the mobile station at the time of service for a particular mobile station, but this information is often lost when switching to another controller in the mobile station.

In a system using the centralized control architecture, this is not a problem, because such systems typically cover a number of cell controller, and the mobile station is typically controlled by the same controller longer period of time.

The transaction information, which may include, for example, mobility-related transaction information (230) and traffic-related transaction information (240) for a given mobile station (160), may be passed between controlling control nodes as the corresponding mobile station (160) is handed over, so that a controlling control node has access to information characterizing the past activities of the mobile station (160).

This information may be used in some embodiments for selecting a target control node for handover or for allocating link resources.

[0011] In still other embodiments, a computer program product comprising computer-readable program code embodied on a computer-readable medium, the computer readable program code configured to perform the above-described one or ーmethods.