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The operators assured users that they would be washed between rentals.


It has also led to a dramatic rise in the popularity of sex toys for lonely men.its symbol a single yellow banana, briefly brought rentable sex dolls to Chinese phones.Called Ta Qu, to resemble the English word “Touch,” the app enables users to rent the life-sized dolls, which come in various models, for $45 a day — with a $1,200 deposit.Over 65 percent of sex toys sold online were to males between the ages of 18 to 29, according to the report.I didn’t anticipate this explosion in 2013, when I visited a sex doll factory in Dongguan, southern China.“The nipples — they are very tough,” said He, tugging vigorously.

“Normal ones,” he said, “could never withstand such treatment.” At this point all major companies making high-end dolls were overseas.

Scantily clad buxom models lounged in chairs; some, like the Venus de Milo, missing limbs.

He and his employees showed me around the premises with a matter-of-fact air, cupping rubbery teats and parting silicone thighs with as much sangfroid as if they were still making office chairs.

China was better known for cheaper blow-up dolls that could be easily transported.

Leading companies such as California-based Abyss Creations crafted customizable models capable of limited speech and body warmth costing about $8,000 to $10,000.

There seemed to be less social stigma around the idea than in the West, judged both by the prominence with which they were displayed in the ubiquitous corner sex stores and the open discussion of the virtues and flaws of different devices in male-dominated forums online.