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Rosalind dating

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”a foundation of how dating paradigms shift with age.

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if you’re starting to believe there’s no one out there for you …Millions of women over 40 are looking for more – and they want it now! they've honed their messages to deliver insightful awareness and powerful techniques - that really work!Our new Dating after 40: Create Your Ideal Relationship Kit gives you everything you need to accelerate your success and enjoy the process of attracting your Mr. Relationship Coaches and authors Amy Sherman, LMHC and Rosalind Sedacca, CCT understand the needs, challenges and insecurities mature women face in finding meaningful relationships. Within this Kit you'll find strategies, advice and tips you need to know about before dating, while dating, when entering into a romantic relationship and when deciding whether you've found a "keeper." You get five valuable resources, each one created to enhance your dating skills and radar while building your intuitive sense of personal empowerment.These ladies have broken it down into organized and easy to read snippets that cover the gambit from sensible to sexual and everything in between.I will definitely recommend it to all of my divorcing women clients! That’s how sure we are that you’ll love and value this significant material.

We’ll refund your entire payment – NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Congratulations to Roz and Amy for sorting through it all.""As both a psychotherapist and a woman from the 'sixties set' who just returned to the dating scene I was amazed at how 'on target' this book is!!

Not only were the messages those I would deliver as a therapist, but reading them helped guide me through this new venture in my own life...a truly helpful read!

As soon as we sell the first 200, the price goes up to $197. e Course is new, the material we share with you has been time-tested!

Our simple, yet highly effective, approach has been working successfully with my own coaching clients as well as Amy’s private practice clients.

Actually, in my opinion, your book would be excellent for women of all ages who are dating or in relationships." Teri “99 Things is filled with wisdom you never got growing up and you can't get from your friends.