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Rules for dating a hockey player

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“One time, there were these dark black clouds,” one woman said, “and I asked to put a jacket on.” It was below 50 degrees out, but a more senior teammate insisted that it wasn’t cold, and told the women she couldn’t wear a jacket.Scarfing food in the corner: During the Winter Classic, the Flyers ice team was not allowed to eat in public, despite the cold and the long hours.

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Auditions will take place this weekend, and the ice team will appear at the October 9 game.To prevent rumors from starting, the ice girls were instructed to make sure they weren’t in the same place as the players outside of work.But the burden of responsibility was placed on the women: If a Kings ice girl was at a restaurant or bar and a player walked in, she was expected to get up and leave, even in the middle of a meal.And while most games are held indoors, teams and their cheer squads sometimes participate in outdoor games and events.In early 2012, the Flyers took part in a three-day outdoor festival and game called the Winter Classic.Update (9/23/14): The Flyers have eliminated their ice girls team, according to Deadspin.

At the Flyers’ first preseason game yesterday, 12 men in orange jackets cleaned the ice—and were booed by the fans.

One squad member said she “had to sneak into a restaurant, get food, and hide in the back of somebody’s pickup truck” to eat it.

Another ice girl befriended a woman who sold hot dogs and snuck her into the back room of her concession area so that she could eat.

I also caught up with three former Flyers women, who cheered for the Philly team between 2009 and the present.

Their impressions varied: One woman called it “the best experience of my life” while more than one likened some aspects of it to “torture.” But their stories shared several common elements: When a player walks in, it’s time to go: Both the Kings and the Flyers, like a number of other NHL teams, have adopted policies that strongly discourage relationships between ice girls and hockey players: There was to be no fraternization of any kind, the women told me.

The bigger issue was “doing doors”—greeting fans as they entered the stadium.