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on an informal level, used by people indigenous to a community.1. a word or phrase typical of Canadian French or English that is present in another language.3. the character, spirit, principles, or customs of the Hebrew people.3. The term’s coinage has been attributed to Maury Maverick.inkhorn term An obscure, pedantic word borrowed from another language, especially Latin or Greek; a learned or literary term; affectedly erudite language.The concept of a portmanteau word was coined by Lewis Carroll in Through the Looking Glass (1872): Carroll’s use of portmanteau has been extended to include the amalgamation of one or more qualities into a single idea or notion This usage is illustrated by D. Hoffman, as cited in Webster’s Third:red-flag term A word whose associations trigger an automatic response of anger, belligerence, defensiveness, etc.; an inflammatory catchphrase.A red flag has long been the symbol of revolutionary insurgents. In addition, it is conventionally believed that a bull becomes enraged and aroused to attack by the waving of a red cape.dialect is applied to regionally or socially distinct forms or varieties of a language, often forms used by provincial communities that differ from the standard variety: the Scottish dialect. — parasynthetic, policy or attempt to purify language and to make it conform to the rigors of pronunciation, usage, grammar, etc. Dirty word originally referred to a blatantly obscene or taboo word.jargon is applied to the specialized language, esp. occupational) group within a community or to language considered unintelligible or obscure: technical jargon. — heteronymous, state or quality of a given word’s having the same spelling and the same sound or pronunciation as another word, but with a different meaning, as race ’tribe’ and race ’running contest.’ Cf. that have been arbitrarily set forth by a certain group. See also art; criticism; literature; representation. Currently it is also used to describe a superficially inoffensive word which is treated as if it were offensive because of its unpleasant or controversial associations.Explanation These are web cameras with IP addresses, which send a continuous stream of pictures in the Motion JPEG format. The first frame of the video is grabbed and resized as a thumbnail.

The general location is at first guessed based on the IP number, but can be edited by whoever has better information.

the procedures and methods of making and using secret languages, as codes or ciphers. — cryptographic, cryptographical, cryptographal, adj.1. (cap.) of, belonging to, or connected with modern colloquial Greek. the deliberate or polite use of a pleasant or neutral word or expression to avoid the emotional implications of a plain term, as passed over for died.2. Portmanteau is a British term for a suitcase which opens up into two parts.

the unconscious use of an inappropriate word, especially in a cliché, as fender for feather in “You could have knocked me over with a fender.” [Named after Mrs. heterophemism.a member of an order of Armenian monks, founded in 1715 by Mekhitar da Pietro, dedicated to literary work, espeeially the perfecting of the Armenian language and the translation into it of the major works of other languages.1. a phrase or sentence devoid or almost devoid of meaning.4. a linguistic or cultural trait peculiar to the United States.3. Shakespeare used the word figuratively as early as 1588: We have received your letters full of love, Your favors, the ambassadors of love, And in our maiden council rated them At courtship, pleasant jest and courtesy, As bombast and as lining to the time.(Love’s Labour’s Lost, V, ii)bumf Official documents collectively; piles of paper, specifically, paper containing jargon and bureaucratise; thus, such language itself: gobbledegook, governmentese, Whitehallese, Washingtonese.

a linguistic or cultural trait peculiar to the states siding with the Union during the Civil War.4. It is but a short step from the now obsolete literal meaning of bombast ‘cotton-wool padding or stuffing for garments’ to its current figurative sense of verbal padding or turgid language.

a linguistic or cultural trait peculiar to the New England states.(See also DICTION, GIBBERISH, PROFANITY.)bombast Pretentious speech; high-flown or inflated language.

a word or phrase commonly used in Canadian rather than British or American English. an instance of speech, behavior, customs, etc., typical of Canada.1. An inkhorn is a small, portable container formerly used to hold writing ink and originally made of horn. Malaprop, whose name is derived from the French mal à propos ‘inappropriate,’ continually confuses and misapplies words and phrases, e.g., “As headstrong as an allegory [alligator] on the banks of the Nile.” (III, iii)A person known for using malapropisms is often called a Mrs.