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Accordingly, you should confirm the accuracy and completeness of all posted information before making any decision related to any data presented on this site.T964' - r •' ALVIN BYRD, ■ Route 4, Boxv 16, Palestine ' . ,y BYRD advised that he could not furnish any infor- mation concerning the three missing Civil Rights workers in Philadelphia, Mississippi, as the- only information he knows about—the three is what ^he had read in the I local press . r ’BYRD advised that he is not' a member of the White Knights ; ;.0f' ; |t^e v 'i^'' . '/•:/ ;; BYRp : , -advised that .;aboutv;d^f:-\^ an: organ iz at ion whos e aims were for the peaceful brotherhood of the races through separation and that they organ izat ion was r, v ' 'known : as; ^’Americans for the Preservation of Vthe White Race."/ BYRD said' he attended a few meetings of this organization ■ but had net; been' to a meeting for sometime.

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Some persons listed might no longer be registered offenders and others might have been added.Jwould be ]stated that amiable to interview by Agents of the FBI . but does not desire to be contacted at Wesson ,= Mississippi. .'h;*.;, - r ; .• : ,v or pr oduct by •v of such a family the name of "GAMIN. The Informant also attempted to learn information which would assist him in joining the Elan organization in Leake County. Informant was re- ferred to PURVIS CULPEPER who is in the insurance business **«% Carthage, J&ssissippi, as it Was indicated CULPEPPER.,, » r had to pass on new members before they Could sod the alleged leader at Carthage* RAY HEHDERSOH, fillips 66 oil distributor. - FBI — NEW ORLEANS .1 HH 12580 Dodd: 59167812 Page 7 To \/ SAC, New Orleans / rony Director, FBI WHITE KNIGHTS OF THE KU KLUX KLAN OF MISSISSIPPI RACIAL MATTERS l , c (Priority) 'I 4 - J i, » , i l : \? khv Y'-p TO: FROM: DIRECTOR, FBI SAC , NEW ORLEANS (157- 1962)f? ■ 'KLUX- Enclosed are eight copies of a letterhead memorandum in captioned matter which sets forth a list of individuals believed to be members of the; White Knights of the Ku . mmmm L : ;/ ; F0IA(b) (7 ) (D) coufid^atialiv (project 1 toent ityl on 7717/04 that lie ws a tom l ocated about tea mile/ Sort Eo FTlae Crossroa ds Gbssaiaalty to fiarl Ritel County, ilissia alfpl . ■ lie advised he goes to this farm for the weekend about one weekend out of each month. sure that with the increased racial ten sion in — Mississippi^ there i411 .ultimately fee- a group to the county, advised that if such' a group is-'fofp Ody' he feels that Pearl River uounty * J* P* WALKER undoubtedly will, fee, associated with the group* . if a klansman sees an and wishes to determine a klan finger in a horizontal position : his right in 4 ividus^ : £^ ■ - ' ’ ,.

| advised he has lived to Pearl River County off and on all his life, and 'stated he feels certain lie can develop more info to. t ''c v yj'**yy by signal if this individual is;| : i(j| : ^;:^V-;^^ member, he scratches the bridge of nose jht index finger in a horizontal position.

Due to the file destruction moratorium then in effect, that Court Order was not brought to your attention in 1975. CIVIL ACTION NUMBER 75-1121 be maintained until further notice. stated the klan was paying- -in mrffif the name' of. 11 **k(\ : /'./v/; state of Mississippi, which are owned by klansmen, | j ~~| advised he did nof know the locations of these advised that all passwords! « y AMTN y^^'If ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ tw 12580 Dociti: 5916751$;' .

Due to the continuing litigation and current discussion regarding reinstitution of a file destruction program in the near future, you are hereby being advised of the Order of the Court in this matter. To insure that no files are destroyed concerning this Court Order, you should immediately prepare a search slip on all of the names mentioned in all of the referenced communications (including all serial references) and place a copy of this communication as the top serial in each of the applicable files. a sportsman ’ s •: 'Jr •'•; ;*• ' checks using an account under the name of a s por t sma n /s | \ or hunting club through a, bank at either Brookhaven or ^ : v V Laurel, Miss issippi . Page .86' .• ' •; , " ' will^t&| 5 ^^ ; .;- •• ■‘••t- ^ 4 *:?

EELGESOH and tte Jackson Resident Agency telephone number. For your information captioned FOIA suit has been in litigation for approximately two years.

| ' advised that he plans to be in Jackson, Mississippi tentatively on 7/29/64 and will telephonies! During the course of this litigation, on 8/1/75, the Court issued an Order that no documents maintained by the FBI be destroyed. PROSPERE that there was a ."strong: rumoryvth^t^^ ODELL ANDERS, Sheriff, Adams County, Natchez , Mississippi,,.^ 6 S #v‘ * -r :n C r ’ W ab ready to swear in 50 klansmen as Special.' Deputies, • , te ' Invest iga tor , f advised that the State y- e v . : 5., ) • excess of $4000 since January 1 , 1964 to the present for expenses . ' been changed f : \ & He; stated that for identification if a klansman enters • f a' town or community and wishes to locate another k 1 ansman^ ; ,||g,|g^ W that .first klansman will inquire regarding a family a manufacturer , a street , or a product by- the name of .

Records indicate there are 0 incarcerated Sex Offenders in Mississippi, as well as 0 offenders whose location is unknown in Mississippi due to the Sex Offenders being transient or their address being unmappable.