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Taking place in Aztec times, La Llorona was said to be a beautiful peasant woman named Maria who married a wealthier man.

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In a fit of rage she drowned both her sons in the river, but once she realised her mistake she became inconsolable and spent the rest of her life searching for her sons along the bank, wailing and crying, before she perished too.

While others say she killed her sons in a fit of jealousy and spite because her husband continually paid more attention to them.

In another version, La Llorona drowns herself in the river immediately after she realises her sons are dead.

Other interpretations say people hear the cries of La Llorona shortly before they die themselves., one of the film's stars, Patricia Velasquez, who plays Anna - a mum who loses her children to the curse of La Llorona- says the legend is very much alive."I'm Venezuelan but I grew up in Mexico.

And La Llorona, this is how Mum got us to make sure we would come back at five, it gets dark, you're inside.

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