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Some claim that we should merely look at them as we recite the third paragraph; some claim that we should be holding them as we look at them; and some claim that we should be kissing them as we mention the words “tsitsit” or fringes.

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We are excited to welcome Ellen Marcus to the ENJC as our Principal of the Religious the synagogue over the last few weeks has been contagious. Our clergy have just started working together and it seems like they have been a duo for years.The High Holidays should be a great experience for all.I remember, as a young rabbi, utilizing a fish head with little children at a Rosh Hashanah service in which we said blessings over these symbolic foods. A date, in Hebrew, is the word “tamar.” With dates in hand we recite, “May it be your will, Lord God, that all our suffering be finished.().” Pomengranates or “rimonim” also have a place at the table. In this modern day and age, a website can be a place containing valuable information.

For new members or those who are just visiting, it can tell one what one needs to know quickly; such as when worship services are, how the church can be located or contacted, what policies it operates by, and what programs are offered.

Honey reminds us that we hope for a sweeter year than we had the year before.

Apples remind us, some say (since Rosh Hashanah is a reminder of the birth of the world in the very beginning of creation), of the very first fruit with which we sinned.

There are actually 10 special foods, reminding us of the 10 days of repentance.

The first two, and foremost, are the honey and apples.

I suppose that once they are held, many concluded that one does what one should do with food, which is to taste it.