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Perhaps its time for him to no longer be an under-the-radar member of the program.

My nephew is the same age as Brian Lewerke and it’s possible – probable?But Dantonio has been known to shuffle staff assistants around when necessary.Maybe Dave Warner’s and Jim Bollman’s collective approach to running the offense has hit its ceiling.73rd, 89th, 76th, and 112th in the nation over the last four seasons.As we all know, Mark Dantonio is not one to make drastic changes to his staff – he puts a priority on the consistency, continuity, and overall cohesive chemistry. We’ll say it again (and again and again and again for lots of important reasons) – three Big Ten Championships in 12 years speaks for itself.– that Lewerke was a part of that group that worked out under the summer sun inside of Spartan Stadium with Mark Dantonio watching.

The messaging all along the brand new video boards that border the north endzone highlighted Michigan State’s Rose Bowl victory, the Spartans’ divisional championships, and the team’s record over the previous five years while the brand new gigantic jumbotron on the opposite side of Spartan Stadium broadcasted highlights from some of the team’s great moments of the previous five years.

Salem brought my nephew – and a a batch of fifteen or so other players – over to Spartan Stadium for a special workout session.

I walked with my nephew and brother-in-law as Salem led us across the street.

He was a high school quarterback and Michigan State’s Brad Salem had identified him as a guy who might look good in Green & White.

When the one-day camp came to an end, Salem tapped my nephew on the head as he and a hundred or so other potential recruiting targets were all seated on the turf of the Spartans’ indoor practice facility.

Michigan State’s Brad Salem might be the most under-the-radar assistant coach on Mark Dantonio’s staff.