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Shahid kapoor and priyanka chopra dating

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Talking about the initial days, Priyanka Chopra reportedly dated Aseem Merchant, who was seen in Bollywood movies such as ‘Wanted’ and ‘The Train’.However, with growing stardom and popularity, Priyanka Chopra and Aseem Merchant’s relationship withered away with time.

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This 38-year-old actor, who grabbed eyeballs with his striking similarity with Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan, reportedly dated Priyanka Chopra.Aseem Merchant was Priyanka’s first partner in the industry. However, it is said that after she won the ‘Miss World’ crown, she ended their relationship to focus on her acting career.Seeking revenge, Merchant announced that he would release a film about her father.Priyanka Chopra went from being a Bollywood celeb to an international star. On her way to could nine where she is perched, Priyanka broke many hearts and suffered heartbreak too.We take a look at 5 men former Miss World Priyanka dated before finding love in Nick Jonas.Shahid Kapoor who split with Kareena Kapoor after years of dating, managed to keep his passionate love affair with Priyanka a secret for quite some time.

Shahid Kapoor allegedly fell in love with Priyanka during the shoot of ‘Kaminey’.

Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapoor brewed enough chemistry in 2009 movie ‘Kaminey’.

From growing alleged relationship to rumours of getting enagaged in a private ceremony, Pee Cee and Sasha stayed in the same apartment for quite some time.

Well, this 49-year-old actor has been featured in some of the top Hollywood movies such as ‘300’, ‘PS: I Love You’ and ‘Hunter Killer’.

Reportedly, Priyanka Chopra, who is marrying Nick Jonas, dated Gerard Butler.

Akshay’s wife Twinkle Khanna allegedly intervened when she realised that there was chemistry brewing between the two and warned the duo.