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Speed dating the movie

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After Beaver finally goes “gay,” at a club filled with horny gay men ready to eat alive any straight men who dare walk in, he spends the rest of his screen time wearing short shorts, midriff-baring knotted T-shirts, and hosting pool parties.

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And, you know, if you make a comedy, and you make people laugh, haven’t you succeeded?every entertaining, but the blue guy is a little cheesy. David J ½* April 11, 2012 Probably the most painful movie I had to suffer through. Stacks A *½ August 7, 2011 hot women but some bullshit lol Milton D ***½ July 4, 2011 good movie, once again the critics crucify a good movies. You get what you expect from a name such as this movie lol Entertaining and amusing to say the least. Keith Robinson’s character dies and leaves a portion of his estate to us. In order for us to get this money, we are ordered by him to reconnect and to stay together in this mansion for a weekend to rekindle and jump-start our friendships. Holly has a special appearance in this one; two scenes. I had to watch it in intervals over a period of 3 days. every entertaining, but the blue guy is a little cheesy. Nothing to write home about apart from the 2 main girls are hot :) Ole J ½* February 4, 2011 Bad movie, I thought it at least would have some fun, but most of all its trash, with a couple of old timers from 80-90 series etc. If you're going to talk high tech, get the language down first, since this script reveals ignorance beyond big data and wop wop. is that type of vile cultural product that adds more fuel to a mediascape already saturated with sexism travestied in mere horniness. If I had it my way I would direct or be in front of the camera doing what I’m doing. Producing is something I was kind of forced to do trying to get my own stuff going.It’s invested in the same project—excusing heterosexual males’ objectification of women as a commendable and natural necessity—as something like . In , three buddies engage in that very analog hookup practice in which singles are paired up according to assigned numbers and have a small amount of time to lure their potential mates into bed.

Not that Too Cool (the very hot Wesley Jonathan), Dog (Chico Benymon), and Beaver (Leonard Robinson) are Luddites nostalgic for pre-Craigslist modes of cruising, or that straight folk get the sexual technology memo rather late in the game.

for some sexual content Three bachelors set up a speed dating scheme to attract women and money.

The plan runs into problems when they are denied a liquor license and an ex-girlfriend attempts to expose the scam.

Elmore Jr., who buys subplots in bulk and drops in music videos when there’s any sign of slowing down.

True to bromantic form, the bachelors grow up into true love with nice-looking actresses; along the way, “suspected man-tickler” Beaver confronts obsessively voiced suspicions of same-sex inclinations, there’s some stuff about saving a restaurant, and Too Cool reconciles with his birth mother and senile millionaire aunt (who made her fortune designing ! Tender, meaningful eye contact alternates screentime with cartoon detours, including Chris Elliott as a blue-skinned building inspector named Red Green, Clint “Why not?

And the introduction of the supposedly "high tech" guru character who spends way too much time trying to impress us with his chatter about big data, devops, integration of legacy systems and other contrived chatter that just proves he's an idiot and does not create any humor.