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Sperm donor siblings dating

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What that means is his own biological children would never know who he was, or (far worse in this particular situation) they wouldn't know who all their half siblings were.

But on top of that he also donated at the Royal North Shore Hospital, Paddington Women's Hospital, King George V Hospital for Mothers and Babies (now closed) and at Westmead.Here's what this man got up to in the 13 years to 1992: Let's call this man John.John made his sperm donations under the condition of anonymity.John's serial sperm donations occurred not in the distant past, but as late as the '90s.(Indeed, John appears to have hit a purple patch in the year 1990, donating sperm on average once a week.) He donated not at backyard joints, but at large Sydney public hospitals, and with well-known fertility specialists.It's indeterminable."That means possibly of half siblings growing up in Sydney, maybe in the same suburbs, of the same age, perhaps going to the same schools, maybe even dating each other.

Horrifically, some may even be marrying each other, and trying to have children of their own - completely unaware they are half siblings. All just to protect John from being known as the author of his own actions?

She's thought about this list a lot."In fact I almost certainly have a mutual friend with at least one, if not all, of these people.

Particularly given there was a number of clinics operating in Melbourne at that time, and the clinic that my parents went to was the most far east.

Clinics weren't (and still aren't) supposed to pay donors for their sperm, because it's human tissue.

What they were (and are) allowed to do was reimburse sperm donors for unspecified out-of-pocket expenses, like "travel costs".

A curious way of forming the letter "Y", with a rounded v.