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Sumner redstone dating

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The media magnate, now 92, was even advised by doctors to cut back on sex to keep up his energy to have a feeding tube removed, but he refused, according to the magazine.Manuela Herzer, an ex-girlfriend of the media magnate, described how there was a termite outbreak at his Beverly Park home in the summer of 2015, so he rented billionaire Larry Ellison’s oceanfront home in Malibu for six months and he became “obsessive about wanting to have sex.” Herzer met Redstone in 1999 after his wife Phyllis initiated divorce proceedings and dated him for two years before they became friends and she helped him meet other women.

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Sumner appeared to believe him, not aware of the truth.” The magazine also refers to an alleged sex tape, made by one of Sumner’s “handlers.” Cohan writes, “According to people who have heard about it, the tape shows a ‘butt naked’ Redstone watching two women kissing.A Los Angeles court ruled on Wednesday that Sumner Redstone had the mental capacity to make changes to his estate in 20.The changes to the estate led to the then 92-year-old Redstone’s girlfriend at the time, Manuela Herzer, being removed as the person in control of his health care and getting kicked out of his mansion.Among those sign-offs are Herzer herself, Shari Redstone and a bumpy horizontal line from Sumner Redstone.Avoiding the spectacle of a trial, the very nature of the agreement hints in some ways that more might be at work in the greater Redstone Empire.She later became his health care agent and is now suing to be reappointed in charge of his care after she was kicked out of his home late last year.

According to the Vanity Fair piece, written by William D. She showed up, but ‘he can’t have sex, so it’s all in his head, right? ‘How can a guy with a feeding tube who can’t move have sex?

As part of the settlement Herzer was ordered to pay back $3.25 million in gifts she received from Redstone during the course of their relationship.

Also Read: Sumner Redstone Family Settles Legal Dispute With Manuela Herzer On Wednesday, L. Superior Court judge David Cowan formally put any question about Redstone’s mental capacity to bed. Redstone had sufficient capacity to execute the Fortieth Amendment to and Restatement of the Sumner M.

Redstone 2003 Trust dated July 23, 2003 and the Forty-First Partial Amendment thereto on their respective dates of execution, October 16, 2015 and May 20, 2016,” Cowan wrote in his decision, adding that the changes to the estate “were not the product of undue influence, fraud, duress, or mistake.” Herzer could not be reach for comment.

Shari Redstone has been fighting to retain control of her family’s estimated $40 billion media empire for the last few years.

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