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The box super not updating

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To fix it, finish superclient and disabled it as soon.Note: Please note that when you have put game disk in superclient mode, it will be locked in server to prevent the content from being changed. Once you are done with superclient and have disabled it, the game disk will be accessible on server once again.

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On the main interface of the CCBoot, click the "Client Manager", and in the detailed pane on the right side, right click a client “PC 190”and choose “Enable Super Client”. In the pop-up "CCBoot Select Disk" dialogue box, tick the disks you want to update and then click OK.Important: Before you enable super client for any computer, please make sure that you have enough space free in the "Image Disk". Important 2: When you disable super client but your changes are not saving, then you need to unmount any virtual harddisk attached on the server.The issue is caused when you accidentally mounted the image file on server but didnot unmount it from the disk management.Just checked and it’s logged 25 “network down” events in the last 4 weeks!!! Hi poppet1, Thank you for taking the time to post in the Community.I have looked into this for you and can see that you called in about this and an engineer was arranged.But if you still wanted to Super Client the Game Disk always, We recommend preparing separate PC just for the game update purposes and then follow this method CCBoot Used As Virtual Disk Game Server Note: If the game icons are not showing up properly then please re configure the server and re set the SSD cache once to make the icons.

Note: If you have placed any client PC in superclient, then other clients may experience slow loading of games as well as boot time increased.

Important 3: Some games require graphics drivers to be installed before you are able to run the game installer.

So make sure the graphics drivers are installed first Taking the client PC190 as an example, the operation steps are as follows: Before updating, please backup image files.

My super hub 3 internet LED is regularly flashing green and updating.

It did it 5 times yesterday afternoon/evening and we had no internet connection for almost 3 hours. Ditto, only my earliest appointment will be Friday.

Sky box problems do occur occasionally, but rest assured that technical support is on-hand to help you resolve any issues you may have.