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The heart doctor dating

I look forward to helping you and yours have happier, healthier families and relationships!

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He tells you not to be sad about it, that he's accepted not everyone can achieve their dreams and that is just the way the world is.He suddenly gets a response, surprising him and making his pulse race, but he manages to respond with his coordinates before quickly signing off.As you enter the room, you are presented with two choice: Either choice has the same outcome.Harvey says you shouldn't be there because it is a private session, but George stops you from leaving by asking for a second opinion on the matter.You witness a dance aerobics session with some of the ladies and, unexpectedly, Harvey.Harvey notices you and tells you he made contact with a real pilot.

He excitedly tells you to come over to the window to watch the pilot fly overhead with him.

Harvey tries to lighten the mood by asking you to look at his model planes, having just finished the TR-Starbird deluxe set.

When you meet him there, he says he's glad you came and that something should be happening very soon.

A man in a hot air balloon lands nearby, says the balloon is yours for the next two hours, and heads into town for the Stardrop Saloon.

Harvey tells you that he saw the hot air balloon rental advertised in the newspaper and thought it was a perfect thing to do together.

On rainy days, Harvey leaves the clinic and walks upstairs to his room at 12pm, regardless of whether or not there are patients in the clinic. Shown below are Harvey's schedules prioritized highest to lowest within each season.