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Twilight costar dating

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Many in the LBGTQ community champion her for this, and rightfully so.Coming out so young and early in a person’s career can be particularly difficult.

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NPH confirmed to himself he was gay after a kiss from Burt Reynolds in the late 1980’s.“I wasn’t hiding anything,” she says of not speaking much about Pattinson, 30, while they were dating.“I didn’t talk about my first relationships that went public because I wanted things that are mine to be, Michelle Rodriguez, publicly announced her bisexuality in 2014, hoping it would have a positive influence on others struggling with their sexuality.She said she finally decided to come out because of her age, refusing to live a lie until she got old and gray.Coming to this realization was not easy for him, but he is now openly gay, proud, and married to David Burtka.

He has even become a role model for many LBGTQ youth.

He has since been a open member of the growing LBGTQ community.

British superstar singer, Sam Smith, got together with Naughty Boy to create the hit “La La La,” released in 2013.

Gotterba tried many times to publish a book revealing their relationship, but it was never published as a result of legal issues. Queen Latifah has never officially stated her sexual preference to the public, but the paparazzi have some evidence to prove she’s not exactly straight.

Pictures of Latifah kissing her former girlfriend of eight years, Jeanette Jenkins, and her current girlfriend, Eboni Nichols, have made it pretty clear. Franco is known for choosing to be part of many gay-themed films, so the rumors about whether or not he is in fact gay are always circulating.

Here are twenty celebrities who you probably had no clue were gay.