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Updating backtrack kernel

Unfortunately I only realized this as I was writing this post!

Plan on running updates when you are not using your system. Gentoo Studio is basically Gentoo, and Gentoo is a rolling-release system. However, please observe the Gentoo etiquette of not running sync more than once per day.When trying to do a db_connect I received the error "no database driver installed". t=40377 I was also confused why the version in /pentest/exploits/framework was different to /opt/framework/msf3.I played around with this for a while but couldn't get it working and gave up. The whole issue of having two versions of Metasploit was confusing me until I came across this post: If there is an update to the kernel (rt-sources), run, as root, after the above command has been run: Where “x” is the number of the latest kernel from eselect kernel list.When you see the kernel menu from –menuconfig, all you have to do is make sure that “fully preemptible” is selected under “processor type and features.” Escape out of menuconfig and genkernel will compile the kernel and modules.Note: You might need to rm -rf /usr/local/portage before running the above command if you see any complaints about git and /usr/local/portage.

This is probably not the best solution, and I will look into it as time permits. If you’ve put any custom ebuilds of your own in /usr/local/portage, please back them up so you can replace them.

When that’s done, run: Your new kernel will be used the next time you reboot.

If you are low on/out of space on the boot partition, you can manually delete older kernels and re-run grub-mkconfig.

t=51173 Up to this point I never realized that Back Track was held together will a huge set of symbolic links (feel free to send me n00b abuse :) ).

I think what I should have done originally was remove Metasploit, grab the latest version using svn, then create a symbolic link (ln -s /opt/metasploit/msf3 /pentest/exploits/framework) to ensure the /pentest version used the /opt version.

For a long while I was using BT5R1 in VMware Workstation 7 which I had upgraded to BT5R2.