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Updating jtextarea

Armed with developer tools and a bunch of console log statements I was able to figure out that unlike every other browser, IE11 treats the content of a textarea as a text node.With regular interaction, you either have none (if the textarea) is empty, or one text node.

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One of the biggest release notes for IE was around abandoning the “old ways” and embracing the standards.It’s great to see the web platform grow and get features like Service Workers, but one of the areas that traditionally gets little to no attention is dealing with user input.While working on another project, I needed a way to insert some text at the current cursor position in a textarea to auto-complete what user is typing./** * Spawns an error dialogue detailing the given exception.* * The given message will be used as the dialogue's header, and the exception's stack * trace will appear in the hidden "more information" dropdown.I have been scouring google and I just can't seem to find a way to move the results to the text area, so any help you could give would be much appreciated! Add scroll bars to text Area Thanks, you all are awesome!

I realize that I am telling the results to go to the command window by using the printf but I just can't figure out how or what to change that to?? Brandon Here is my code: //import necessary libraries import *; import event.*; import

* * If the exception has a message, it will be displayed in the dialogue's content * field, prefaced by "Cause:" * * @param exception * The exception to display * @param message * A message to describe the context of the dialogue, usually why the * dialogue is appearing (e.g. ") */ public static void show Alert Dialogue(Exception exception, String message) /** * Create an alert with a given type, title, desciption, content text and expandable content.

* * @param type The type of the alert * @param title The title of the alert * @param description The description in the alert * @param content Text The content text for the alert * @param expandable Content The expandable content in the alert.

It would be nasty if a database crashed or a disk got filled with terabytes of data, sent by some user out of ignorance, mistake, or malevolence.

But in HTML, there is no way limit the number of characters entered by the user in a element.

What it means in practice is that the code shown at the end of the previous section does not work in version 11, and neither does any method, except for the re-setting the value.