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Updating ui from another thread c

updating ui from another thread c-63

More Info This poses a challenge if you want to update UI elements during those long running operations or as result of them. You can force updates to UI elements from other threads using PInvoke\Thread Un Safe methods.These are usually not recommended since the alternative is well established and easy to implement.

The issue I had the other day was that I had a timer running in my code that triggers an event when the elapsed time hits a certain time.This is a shorter post with a small solution to a problem, but I wanted to add it here for my own reference.I have recently been working on a little WPF pet project as I want to learn XAML and WPF.If messages don't get processed in a timely manner, the application will appear hung to the user and provide a poor user experience.For long running operations, you can offload the work to background threads.Invoke( Action ) method to make the call to the UI thread. We have a timer being setup with an event (On Timed Event) being fired every 5 seconds.

When the On Timed Event is called, the UI is updated inside the Dispatcher. In WPF, only the thread that created a Dispatcher Object may access that object.

Other thread-related bugs are possible, such as race conditions and deadlocks.

It is important to make sure that access to your controls is performed in a thread-safe way.

The implementation of Invoke on the Control class will not take into account the parameters passed to Invoke if the type of the delegate is Event Handler.

The version (3.0) of the browser you are using is outdated and not supported.

This is accomplished by using either Invoke or Begin Invoke.