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Usps not updating tracking information

**It is important to note that USPS does not guarantee end-to-end tracking of a package, so EP cannot be held liable for no tracking due to missing pickup scans when USPS is delivering packages internationally.

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For example, as noted in the image above, Fed Ex often indicates this with “Label Created - Shipment Information sent to Fed Ex” - Carriers may delay processing an acceptance scan (which moves the tracking status to “in transit”) for a few days, so the presence of a “pre-transit” status does not necessarily indicate that the package was not picked up by the carrier - all packages are cleared out from the EP warehouses daily.UPDATE: A Consumerist reader who we’ll call Zack (not his real name) who says he worked for the USPS for 38 years wrote in with a possible explanation of what’s going on when the online tracking contradicts the reality.He also wished us luck in getting an answer from USPS, adds that employees often had problems getting usable response from headquarters.Basically, tracking info isn’t actually the result of an actual scan of the bar code on a piece of mail — the records are system generated, Zack says.“These are events that the system should have happened at a certain time,” Zack explains, regardless of whether it’s actually happened.The smartpost of Fed Ex is actually an USPS postal service.

USPS has been partnering with many postal services including CN Post.

As such, we do not condone this behavior and have taken steps to properly address it with employees.

Our Consumer Affairs Office is following up with the customer and apologizing personally for the situation.

Tony put together a video chronicling his recent frustrating experience waiting for a package to get delivered, but here’s what happened if you don’t feel like watching: He waited at home all day for a package last Friday, finally leaving his home at to get dinner.

By the time he returned at that night, still no package, and no notice left on the door…

When a package is marked as “shipped” in the Easy Post (EP) system, this means that the package is ready to be picked up from our warehouse at the next carrier pickup.